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Binary Customized Plan

Binary MLM software is a form of software used by MLM companies to handle their binary networks, commissions, and lead creation. Enterprise business management, customer acquisition, marketing, sales enablement, product management, distributor recruiting, and training are all included in a full MLM suite.

Matrix Customized Plan

Matrix MLM software is a system that controls the matrix network marketing plan’s commission computation. An all-in-one MLM platform is a more advanced and powerful system that aids MLM / Direct Selling businesses. Matrix maximum depth factors vary, for example, 3 X 3, 3 X 4, 4 X 5, and so forth.

Unilevel Customized Plan

Unilevel compensation is a common MLM compensation system. A distributor can establish a business by adding members one at a time using this framework. The “one-two” drop format is used in this model. Distributors can create an infinite number of downlines by adding as many members as they like.

Monoline / Single Leg Customized Plan

Single leg MLM plan allows members to make more and more money.Single leg plans are mostly based on a first-come, first-served basis. It implies that if you join the system and someone else joins after you, they will be considered part of your down-line and you will benefit from their participation.

Forced Matrix Customized Plan

forced matrix MLM plan is a pyramid where employees/team members are arranged into a fixed number of rows and columns. Since the width is limited, organizations can hire more members in the downline and keep the fixed set of primary members

Hybrid Customized Plan

Plan with a single floor. The main feature of this plan is that distributors get paid on a monthly basis by the MLM firm. MLM firms utilise the Hybrid plan to generate more money since it is a blend of two effective MLM plans that helps you grow your business more quickly.

Board Plan

The rotating matrix business plan is another name for the board business plan. One of the most important MLM business plans is the board plan mlm software, which is mostly used for the creation of company services. Promoters and consumers collaborate in this business strategy for the growth and development of a multilevel marketing firm.

Donation Plan

The donation MLM compensation plan is entirely based on donating money to a single individual, as the MLM business emphasises, and getting money from a large number of people. Depending on their business methods, the Donation MLM Software plan competencies had varied names. It is totally Independent of MLM sector.

Investment Plan

Unlike the other MLM programmes, the investment MLM strategy is unique. People invest in the firm, and the corporation pays them a daily percentage return depending on their investment. The term “royalty” refers to a predetermined daily percentage return. The proportion is determined by the amount of money invested.

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